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Ultimate Recruitment Driver Briefing

Download the document here – Ultimate Recruitment Driver Briefing

Getting Booked for Work

Please observe the following guidance, which will significantly improve your chance of getting and keeping regular work.

Appearance/Personal Hygiene

Your appearance and personal hygiene is of vital importance to our clients and their customers. During the briefing for each job assigned to you, you will be told the appropriate attire to wear.


It is important to speak to the office regularly to allow us track your availability. Days off, or any changes to your availability, should be notified to the office at the earliest opportunity, and at least 7 days in advance. This will allow us to allocate work more effectively and ensure you get the continuity of work that you require.

Attitude/Customer Liaison

Due to the nature of temporary and contract work, you are the interface between us and our clients, as well as the client and its customers. It is essential you maintain a polite and co-operative manner at all times. Should you ever feel particularly stressed, unhappy, or have any reason for a potential disagreement please call us first so that we can discuss and help you to resolve the situation professionally.


The flow of information from you is vital in maintaining a good relationship with the clients, with the

client’s customers and with your Ultimate office. Important areas include:

  • Inform the office immediately if you are going to be late for a job or if you cannot find the client’s site. We can contact the client to let them know you are on the way but are going to be late.
  • Inform the office if something unexpected happens overnight, which will prevent you from getting to work on time or perhaps not being able to get to work at all. The earlier we knows about your problem, the better our chances are of covering the job.
  • Contact the client if you have or can foresee a problem with your work. Always let the client decide what action to take.

 Health and Safety

It is important to us and our clients that you work in a safe manner and without risk of injury to yourself or any other person. Please make sure that you inform yourself of all site H&S rules prior to work and or conducting any manual handling.

Smoking or vaping is only allowed in designated areas on site – not in Cabs or non-designated areas.

Driver facing cameras are in many of our clients vehicles for driver safety.  They are there to alert to the team to any dangers that may occur including ill health or sleeping – not to catch you out.

Pre-drive and Post-Drive checks must be completed each shift with a minimum of 15 minutes each.

Please be mindful of infringements. Excessive infringements will result in not being offered any more shifts.

Many of our customer vehicles deploy Microlise telematics for vehicle tracking and measuring efficiencies such as:

  • Over speeding
  • Excessive revving
  • Harsh braking
  • Fuel consumption
  • Engine idling

Daily Operational Procedures

It is vital that you present to the customer on time, in the correct dress and display enthusiasm for the days’ work. Start as you mean to carry on; act like a professional and you will be treated as a professional. Before leaving the customer’s site obtain the following information:

  • The contact number for your place of work
  • Your timesheet for the day, which you have checked and understood.

Once you have finished your day’s work please ensure that you finish the shift as professionally as you started it. To achieve this please carry out the following:

  • Report to the client supervisor to return any equipment given to you and get your timesheet signed.
  • If there are any queries over your work and you feel the customer is unhappy, contact us.

Please remember, you are part of our team, and we are here to help. If at any time you feel stressed or unsure what to do, call us! Communication is vital, our customers and we are reliant upon you communicating with us.

Holidays (PAYE Only)

You are entitled to a minimum of 28 days paid holiday each year inclusive of official public holidays available from day one, however holiday pay can only be paid to the limit of what has been accrued at the relevant rate, and is paid on a 52 week average, per HMRC guidelines. The holiday year runs from the month you start work, for example if you start in may your holiday year would run May- May. You are not entitled to carry holiday over from one year to the next and are not entitled to pay-in-lieu of holiday except on termination. The maximum continuous period of holiday allowed is 10 days. Part-time workers are also eligible for paid holiday and accrue this at the same rate (pro rata).

A request for holiday is made to your branch in writing using a Holiday Request Form, or by email giving a notice period of double the time off required, with a minimum of 1 weeks’ notice (e.g. 1 week off = 2 weeks’ notice). Authorisation must be given by the branch in writing and is based on a first come first served basis. Unauthorised absence will not be paid and must be explained.

Job Offers from Customers

Due to the very high standard of candidates we work with, our customers often make an offer of employment direct. Our Terms of Business with our customers contain a clause covering this, of which our candidates should also be aware.

In most cases, if a customer wishes to employ a candidate, a 13-week temp to perm period is agreed, at the end of which the candidate will be free to move onto our customer’s payroll and becomes fully employed by them.

Working for other agencies

Please be aware that you will not be able to work for the same client through a different recruitment agency after we have introduced you to that client, for a period of 3 months. If you would like to leave us to go to another agency, please make sure that you provide your local office with at least one months’ notice and discuss the reasons why. As we are bound to adhere the same rules, please make us aware ahead of any booking from your local office if you have worked with, or for, a particular client before with another agency and when.


Please give us notice of at least one working week if you wish to terminate your relationship with us.


I confirm that I have received, read and understood the terms set out in this candidate briefing and I accept them in their entirety. I confirm that I shall be bound by these terms during the period in which I accept any work that is offered to me by Ultimate.

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